Product Design


We have an all-round team consisting of industrial designers to material specialists to the best mechanical engineers.

Combining various expertise areas, product development becomes highly efficient and fast.

Next to this, we have the ability to offer rapid prototyping and 3D virtual product assessments.

Product Design Process

Concept Design

  • Product Architecture
  • Primary and Secondary market research
  • Moodboards
  • Concept design

Electronic Engineering

  • Turnkey HW FW and SW design
  • Definition of specifications, wiring diagrams,
  • Components selection, PCB routing 
  • Validation, certification, production, definition and implementation of testing and production equipment 
  • Data collection, reporting

Mechanical Engineering

  • Exploded constructive, distinct assembly and of parts
  • Constructional and product manuals 
  • Machining and bending tables, laser and waterjet cutting machines and, studies of rates and production methods
  • Export in any format or technology required, by classical mathematical CNC or vector graphics
  • Cutting masks and welding masks, painting, assembly and control fixtures, molds for gravity, handling equipment, injection and thermoforming

Prototyping and Testing 

From a concept demonstrator to a fully functional, working demo to show the potential of innovations and field test or showcase the solution, we leverage all moderns rapid prototyping methodologies with production in mind.

From a freehand sketch or a 3D project based on CAD / CAM files, we specialize in three-dimensional modeling to deliver the final vision of what will be the first finished prototype, thus reducing the time and costs of realization.
We can follow through the project even during the construction phase, to react quickly to changes.