Aerial Surveying and Mapping



Aerial surveying and mapping with drone images and photogrammetry

  • Single images / orthophotos

Single aerial pictures can be used in various research areas. Combined with machine learning algorithms, individual aerial photos can transport massive amounts of information.

  • Multispectral imagery

Multispectral data can be turned into chlorophyll maps, NDVI layers, digital surface models or RGB single images. A resultant high-resolution aerial view map can be used for monitoring plant health and vigor, as well as evaluating surface properties, water flow and much more.

  • 3D reconstruction

3D data can be turned into 3D models, point clouds, digital surface and terrain models, elevation maps, photorealistic reconstructions and more. High-resolution aerial imagery outcomes provide volume, distance, surface area and elevation calculations used in mining operation planning, stockpile inventories, topography depiction and generating photorealistic models.

  • Orthomosaic maps

2D orthomosaic maps contain the location (exact X and Y coordinates) and color information of each point on the map. These aerial maps can be used for linear (distance) and surface calculations as well as alteration monitoring.