Mobility Made Easier


About us: Systhesia is a an IOT solutions and consultancy provider for Parking, Logistics and Mobility.

We are based in Torino/Italy and we specialize in the design and development of tailor-made, IOT solutions to improve people life by reducing traffic, respecting the environment and connecting customers to service providers.



OpenParkingBot an innovative way to find and share parking and enjoy related services. We connect drivers, parking operators, and shop owners in a very simple way. We run on Telegram so you don't need to download any additional app.

OpenParkingBot on Telegram

AirportParkingBot a new way to get the best deal when booking your parking at the airport

Parking automator an economic and scalable way to put your parking lot online. Control your parking lot without being present.



IOT HW and SW Design Consultancy

We specialize in IOT and BOT designs. We exercise a proper product development approach to the process of developing a complex product that tightly couples hardware devices with high-level software to help creating real-world, connected solutions.

Revenue and Yield Management

Dynamic pricing, pricing strategies, big data mining and forecasting support, upselling, loyalty programs, subscriptions

Prepare for the future

Charging EV, autonomous vehicles, social responsibility and technological updates

New and Critical Project Management

Coordination of crossfunctional activities for parking opening, management or redevelopment, support to supplier management

Personalized services and connections

Improvement and diversification of the parking offer, integration of additional services, intermodal connections

Seamless parking and digitization

Entry / exit control and access control, payments, reservations and guidelines; use of big data, software solutions, apps and related services, digital marketing