Mobility Made Easier



About us:


Systhesia is an innovation consultancy. We specialize in digitization, connectivity, and IOT solutions mainly in parking, logistics and mobility. But not only.

We are aimed at improving people's life by reducing traffic, respecting the environment and connecting customers to service providers. We help producers to reach their consumers, with better products and communication channels. We protect business through security solutions like smart video-surveillance systems.

As businesses try to understand the impact of this unprecedented technology disruption, they must acknowledge and realize the following fundamental features of the connected landscape:

  • The biggest and most fundamental change is the realization that everything is digitized and software is the primary driver to connect these smart products and services
  • The realization that they are no longer building a standalone product, and that they must architect and develop products that fit into a product ecosystem




Prototype development: from concept development to a fully functional, working demo to show the potential of innovations and field test or showcase

Smarthome solutions: from video-surveillance to climate control, we are able to make your home safer and more enjoyable 

Telegram Bot: from communication to online shopping, we can customize and offer access to a new channel at a very low cost



HW and SW Design Consultancy

We specialize in IOT and BOT designs. We exercise a proper product development approach to the process of developing a complex product that tightly couples hardware devices with high-level software to help creating real-world, connected solutions.

Digital Project Management
We drive projects from initial concept to delivery, working with a range of stakeholders on several different workpackages while building client relationships and reporting on the status of projects.